To Splurge or Not to Splurge?

There are a lot of beauty products out there that claim to do a tremendous amount of improvement for your skin, along with a jaw-dropping price tag. Do not get fooled! There are a lot of products out there that are advertised in such a way that can make you feel like you need it despite the price, but in reality, you actually don’t. Expensive doesn’t always mean it’s better. Sometimes, it’s the other way around. So the question is, to splurge or not to splurge?

Most of us already know that before we could find our holy grail products, whether it’s skincare or makeup, it takes so much time, effort and money. Now, we all hate having to spend and waste our hard-earned money on things that don’t really do what it claims to do. In this post, we will tackle some of the things that you need to think twice about before splurging a huge amount of money. Below is a list of 5 beauty products that are not worth splurging for.

1. Expensive Facial Cleansers

How long do you even use a facial cleanser on your skin? I’m pretty sure it’s less than a minute or two before you start rinsing it off. After that, it’s going down the drain along with the dirt and gunk you just washed away from your face. So why spend so much money on expensive facial cleansers? Facial cleansers are often used to balance your skin’s pH and/or remove dirt or makeup on your face. Although some cleansers offer additional benefits such as exfoliating and brightening– those are fine and very possible. But anything too extreme is slightly questionable in my opinion. Like how can a minute or two of slathering my face with a cleanser claim to do things such as shrink my pores? Remember, you rinse the product off! Even facial masks that offer great results require about 15-20 minutes of being on your skin to get maximum benefits. Yes, you do need facial cleansers to wash your face because bar soaps are never a great option because it’s too acidic. But splurging on expensive facial cleansers are just really not worth your buck. As long as the cleanser does a good job in cleaning, it doesn’t break you out, it doesn’t make your face feel papery dry, then, I think that’s already a thumbs up for the brand you’re using.

2. Expensive Toners

Toners are usually meant to remove the makeup residue that your cleanser failed to remove, to balance the pH levels of your skin, and to prep your skin for the next skin-care steps. Again, any other brand that you prefer will probably do. I think that it’s better to splurge on other beauty products such as serums or creams since those are the ones that have greater benefits because of the higher concentration of ingredients that can really improve your skin condition.

3. Sunblock with very high SPF

Just because you went out under the sun with your face and body covered with an SPF 100 sunblock, it doesn’t mean your skin is safe from damage. Just a little side story from my own experience, I was on the beach with a couple of co-workers; I was sporting an SPF 30 sunblock while my friend was using an SPF 100. She felt secure that she wouldn’t get burned under the sun because she was using such a high SPF sunblock. Now, kindly refer to the break down below.

SPF 15 = Blocks 93% of UVB radiation

SPF 30 = Blocks 97% of UVB radiation

SPF 50 = Blocks 98% of UVB radiation

You see, there isn’t really a big difference in the performance of your sunblock even with something as low as SPF 15. So, why the high price tag along with the high SPF? Back to my story: At the end of the day, my co-worker still got sunburned. As for me, my skin looked pretty much the same. No sunburns! Why? Because I reapplied my sunblock and she didn’t. She was so confident that the high SPF will protect her skin even after a long exposure under the sun. Bottom line, it’s not really about the high SPF that makes a sunblock do its job properly. If you’re going to be under the sun for too long, reapply. If you’re going swimming, dry yourself up and reapply after a few hours.

Another thing to consider is that in the market, the higher the SPF of the sunblock is, the price tag also doubles up. Sometimes, even triple. Now ask yourself, is it really worth it to splurge on an expensive one?

4. Expensive Makeup Removers

Makeup removers are like facial cleansers. They just remove makeup and usually get rinsed off, even if it was the emollient balm type. I haven’t really seen any makeup removers that claim to do anything other than leaving your skin feeling hydrated or supple after removing your makeup. This is a no-brainer. Don’t splurge.

5. Pore-Minimizing Products

One thing that’s proven and scientifically tested is that your pores don’t open and close. So if a product claims to shrink your pores, what’s the truth in that then? The pores that you currently have now will be the size of your pores until you get older. Environmental factors may seem to affect the size whenever you would check the mirror, but that’s mainly because your face has probably been producing more or less sebum, or even sweat, making it look enlarged. However, that doesn’t mean that your pores are opening and closing.

Although there are products that claim to make your pores less visible, that’s a different story. Products with silicone like pore-filling primers are different. A better alternative to purchasing pore-minimizing products is to get yourself something that can deep cleanse your pores to avoid clogging and making your pores look more enlarged because of whiteheads and blackheads.

6. Bonus: Cute Packaging

If you like K-beauty, then you’re probably splurging on products with extremely adorable packaging that seems to beckon you from afar. Most of us are guilty of that! A product or two that has bunny ears for your lip gloss cap is fine–but if it’s becoming such a habit–Stop yourself. I have never really found a product with adorable packaging that has delivered good results. That’s just me, though. I bet you guys don’t even use those products that you bought just because it’s shaped like a banana or a cat.

For those who have money to spend, go ahead and do whatever floats your boat. In the end, it’s your skin and your wallet. Let’s admit it, a little healthy splurging here and there is fine as long as it’s something that your skin actually needs. I’m just here to remind the whole lot of you that there are other skin care products that are worth splurging for and there are products that are not.




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