A Love-Hate Relationship: Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream

I finally decided to purchase this Mizon Snail Recovery Gel (Cream) after a long contemplation of whether to buy it or not. Reviews over the internet are confusing! There are those who like it and those who hate it. Sure, there’s always something like that about makeup or skin care products, since everyone’s skin will be different from each other. However, there was a higher percentage of dislikes among those who have tried this Mizon Snail Recovery Gel. Yet, here I am with this pink tube of snail gel on my vanity.


Nothing too special about the packaging. It’s just a baby pink tube that I actually find very cute because of the color. I also love that it’s in a squeezy tube, not a tub.


It contains 45ml (1.52 fl. oz.) per tube with 74% snail secretion filtrate.


The packaging has an expiration date indicated.

First of all, what was the reason for me purchasing this product despite the higher percentage of negative reviews? Everyone was saying that it was nowhere near ‘hydrating’ when it was labeled as a ‘moisturizer’. Personally, upon reading the English part on the packaging, it didn’t say anything about being hydrating. So, I wasn’t expecting it to be hydrating either. However, it was the percentage of the snail secretion filtrate that had me wanting to buy this, plus, it’s in a gel form that is claimed to be lightweight. Perhaps, there was more to this pink tube than being a failure to be an actual moisturizer.

I have dry combination skin that is sensitive. I have recently tested that I’m not allergic to snail filtrates, so I started venturing into that category with my skin care. As far as I know, snail secretion filtrates aid in the cell turnover of the skin. It quickens the process of cell turnover and heals your skin faster. This also helps in reducing the appearance of your blemishes.

I also have dry patches on my under eye area and some on my cheeks. I wanted to get rid of that, but despite the lack of moisturization this Mizon Snail Gel has, (According to the reviews of others) I believe that the quicker cell turnover will remedy my dry patches to an extent.

After that long introduction and sharing of feelings, here’s the actual review.

Is it moisturizing?

No, I also don’t find it moisturizing. However, it did improve the texture of my skin. The small bumps that I had on my cheeks and chin are now gone, only after using it every day, 2x a day, for a week. It did lack in the moisture department, but I think that was mainly because I had dry skin and this is a gel-type almost water-based product. I think products like these are meant to cater to those who have oily skin but wanted to add a moisturizer to their routine for balance. But for someone who has really dry skin, this is not something that you can use alone. Don’t treat this as a moisturizer. It does something far more than just to moisturize! I believe that this Mizon Snail Recovery Gel is good for healing your skin and not just moisturizing.

What surprised me about this product is the first time I have used it. I woke up with a smoother and brighter looking complexion after using this the night before. I can describe it as being able to fake a good night’s sleep. It was then that I knew that this product really works wonders for your skin regardless of the lack of moisture and plumpness that it gives. It repairs it, makes it look less dull.

Although, for a product that claims to be multi-functional, it doesn’t seem to do much at all aside from healing your skin. But it’s a very affordable snail product, so if you’re just looking to try one that won’t hurt your budget, I guess this can be right for you. I purchased this via Shopee app, this is on sale for only P289 each.

Will I re-purchase?

I will continue to use this until I have used up the tube and I will give you guys updates. As of today, I happen to still have a love-hate relationship with this product. I do love the fact that it made my skin brighter and that it improved the texture, but since I have really dry skin, I would honestly prefer something that can moisturize, improve the texture of my skin and brighten it up all at the same time. I dislike the fact that I have to layer on a couple of different products just to achieve a well-moisturized face. Since I have very sensitive skin, doing so may lead to breakouts or irritation. So I try to keep my skin care as minimal as possible.

I just wanted to shed a different light on this Mizon Recovery Snail Gel and remove it from the moisturizer category as I don’t think it’s the strength of this product. If you have oily skin, has a couple of blemishes that you want to fade, or you want to remedy uneven skin texture, this product may work for you but don’t expect it to deliver extreme results.


I would rate this product a 3 out of 5. Simply because it was meant to suit other skin types and not mine. However, I would love to continue using this as it does a fine job in brightening and smoothing out the texture of my skin. It wasn’t that bad, to be honest, I would be loving this so much if there was an added variety that can cater to a drier skin type!